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About Us

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Porter's Processing was purchased by Anahuac's own Casey and Lindsay Hedges in September 2020. They are continuing to follow in Mr. Porter's footsteps to grow and prosper the business he so profoundly established in 1987. Casey and Lindsay have since added the wild and domestic game processing, taking in deer, hogs, swine, beef, and poultry this [...]

Guided Hunts

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Located near the swamplands of Anahuac, Texas guided hunting trips are conducted throughout alligator season in Chambers and surrounding counties, such as Jefferson and Brazoria. Whether you are a seasoned or novice hunter, participating in a guided hunt gives you the advantage of experience, while still having the edge of a challenge in doing [...]

Tanned Hides

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American Tanning and Leather is one of the oldest, most well renowned tanneries in the country, and they process exotic leathers and hides worldwide. Porter’s Processing values quality and has worked with American Tanning and Leather for many years. When the hides are shipped to the tannery, there are a wide variety of colors and [...]